Are you looking to spice up your home this Halloween? Perhaps…pumpkin-spice it up?

Here are a few tips to make your trick-or-treaters gasp with delight.


Setting the mood is all about lighting and sound. Set some speakers up with organ music or spooky haunted house noises. The sound will permeate the front walk and provide an excellent atmosphere for your trick-or-treaters. Lighting is simple – you can acquire green or orange light bulbs from any store selling Halloween supplies and give your yard a spooky glow.


Pumpkins are always a delight on Halloween! Carving them does not have to be intricate…some simple open mouths and drooping eyes creates a ghostly gaze. Line your front porch with glowing pumpkins and create a creepy design.

Chicken wire!

It sounds crazy, but chicken wire has so many possibilities. Form chicken wire into arms and a head, and drape it with white sheets to create spooky ghosts. You can place those around your yard and set them aglow with white Christmas lights.


Create your very own graveyard with simple styrofoam and gray spray paint. Paint the names of friends and neighbors for an extra spooky surprise!

Get creative! Decorating your house is a fun way to meet neighbors and impress guests with your gusto. Most importantly, have fun!