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    Buying a Home after a Bankruptcy...

    The word Bankruptcy is not just the matter of eliminating your debts; in fact, it comes with a lot of damage to your credit report as well as credit scores. Beside all the proceedings, the challenges and hurdles will remain if you are planning to get a car loan, credit cards or a home mortgage. […]

    Don’t Fall in Love...

    How to Keep an Objective Opinion When Shopping for Homes Shopping for home isn’t a matter of routine shopping where you buy one dress and you buy a new one next day. We all have priorities and choices. Most of the time we get stuck in the style, convenience, the neighborhood to an extent that it’s […]

    Why do Mortgage Rates Keep Fluctuating?...

    Most home buyers have a general idea about mortgage rates – they go up, and down with market fluctuations. But why do they really change  so often and sometimes drastically? The mortgage rate that decides the size of their EMI and ultimately how much they end up paying for the purchase of a house. Mortgage […]

    Fixed or Adjustable? The Rate is the Que...

    Unless you’re incredibly wealthy, at some point you will need the help of a Mortgage lender. The lender will provide up to 85% finance for the purchase of a property while you must put forward down payment and bear the closing costs. You must decide whether you should take a fixed rate mortgage or go […]

    When is the Best Time to Refinance Your ...

    Refinancing is a term that has become very popular among homeowners these days. It is a process of ending an existing mortgage and availing a new mortgage on the same property. Lenders across the country are happy to underwrite a new mortgage as they see it as an opportunity to earn profits. Borrowers see refinancing […]

    Thinking About Refinancing? Tips and Mis...

    Refinancing is a good option to exercise when you are facing difficulties in meeting your repayment obligations to your lender. You can hope to lower your EMI’s or reduce the term of your mortgage through refinancing. Avoid opening a new credit account Lenders in Florida track accounts of their borrowers routinely and they are notified […]

    Red Flags to Look Out for When Buying a ...

    Fixer upper is a term that is used for a house that needs repairs. The fact that fixer uppers are available at attractive prices lower than their fair market value makes them allure for many investors. You can book profit by buying such a house and selling it later after refurbishing it to make desirable […]

    December Mortgage Rate Update...

    Happy Monday, and welcome to your December Mortgage Rate Update. We’re bringing you the latest mortgage rates and average mortgage payments for a typical home purchase. Now looks like a great time to buy as mortgage rates are slowly climbing downward. If you’re considering buying a home, contact us at East Coast Mortgage Lenders. Refinancing […]

    The “Ins & Outs” of Hol...

    Staging a home and getting it ready to sell is always an exciting and nerve racking time, and trying to do so during a holiday even more so. A few simple tips can make your home stand out and get it sold faster. Curb appeal is the first thing that will draw a potential buyer […]

    Getting to Know The Mortgage Language...

    When going through the process of securing a new home, there are many terms that get used that might be new to you. Knowing and understanding these terms can make it easier to get through the mortgage and loan process and makes everything just a little bit easier. Mortgage Terms Loan Term The number of […]

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