How do you keep your Home clean when Kids are Anxious to Seek Messy Entertainment?

The COVID-19 pandemic has confined us all in our homes to ensure social distancing in an attempt to flatten the curve and halt the spread of the virus. Keeping one’s home clean and tidy can be quite the burdensome ordeal, especially when the mess-makers are always home. And of course, we are talking about the kids.

It is especially a hard time for children, who can no longer go out and have their usual fun in playgrounds. Naturally, parents do not want to stop them from making a mess as they go about their arts and crafts, and playdates.

So, how do you keep the home clean and tidy?

Creating a Space for Kids

The easiest way to make sure your home remains neat and tidy is by creating a room or a space for your kids to make all the mess they want to. You can urge them to get creative in their rooms, or in the outdoor space. They can indulge in their paints and activities in one space, leaving the rest of the house spotless and tidy. Throw down some drop-cloths – this will reduce the hassle and you can clear up the mess once they are done for the day.


Engage your Kids in Cleaning

It is only fit for the mess-makers to play an active role in cleaning. Besides, teaching your kids to clear up their own mess is one of the most powerful habits that will go a long way throughout their lives. Assign little jobs and cleaning duties to all your little ones.

Dividing chores and cleaning tasks across the family makes it much easier to tidy up the house. A single adult or parent should not be responsible for all the cleaning chores.


Don’t Seek Perfection

This is a time of immense uncertainty as the world community remains unsure about how and when this pandemic will come to an end. In this dark and bleak time, our house is our only safe haven-the only place we can live devoid of fear. Don’t seek perfection, and instead, let your children make the mess they want to, as long as they are doing something productive – then work together to get it clean!

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