Are you a new couple shopping for your first home? You’re in for a real treat. The market is typically flooded with homes that have two bedrooms. The traditional 3-4 bedroom family home is often snatched up quickly, but with a 2 bedroom home in mind, you can get your pick of the litter.

Why buy a small home?

There are many reasons why you should consider a smaller home.

  • Room for renovation – expanding a home with a large yard is always an option. Renovation loans are available to give you the upfront  money you need to begin construction.
  • Better locations – purchasing a smaller home can give you just the right price in prime locations along the East Coast.
  • Smaller upfront cost – of course a smaller home is typically less expensive. They’re perfect for the couple who is just starting out.
  • Building equity right away – even if you plan on purchasing a bigger home in the future, it’s a great time to buy and begin building equity now.

Consider buying a small home and start your future today! Ask one of our associates at EC Mortgage Lenders for more info regarding renovation loans and purchases under $300k.