Learn more about mortgage rates and how the coming trends or the market state fare so that you can manage your decisions well and get your credit score to an optimal level.  We have compiled important updates for February to help you make informed decisions about your Mortgage.

  • Many home buyers and refinance candidates were expecting throughout 2018 that mortgage rates would continue to rise, however, that is not the case anymore. Many housing agencies that were spot on with their forecasts are now predicting low mortgage rates. It means it might be a good time to lock a deal for your home purchase. You can expect a fall in February.
  • As prices for oil increase,  it means prices for other service as well as commodities will rise. In short, inflation will happen. However, you should remember that whenever oil prices get hammered, the mortgage rates do well. Be prepared to lock the deal if oil keeps slipping lower.
  • The Rate could continue to drop. The fallout from lower rates could stir investors to seek safe assets. It is predicted that mortgage shoppers can capture very low rates.
  • It is better to lock in a rate in consultation with a Mortgage broker – identifying the right rate at the right time is one of the hardest parts of a wise home purchase.


A slower hike in rates is expected. In December, though the rise was experienced, but with the downturn, it is expected to slow down. Most of the housing agencies are also predicting low rates expect one or two with a slight raise. It is still an opportunity to make your important deals and decisions considering it the right time. As a mortgage rate shopper, you need to plan the right actions to be taken in these one or 2 months.