Damages and needs for household repairs are common across every home. The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down all handyman and plumbing businesses, but that doesn’t mean that creaking windows and leaking taps should continue to creak and leak.

It’s time to put on your handyman cap and take matters into your own hands. All it takes is a well-equipped toolbox, some basic handyman skills and YouTube tutorials.

Let’s take a look at some simple home repairs that you can tackle yourself:

Garbage Disposal Repair

A clogged garbage disposal is one of the most common household issues, and it can be easily repaired. You simply have to unclog the disposal and remove chunks of debris or garbage items that may have gotten stuck in the disposal mechanism. If the garbage disposal is exuding a terribly stinky odor, you can get rid of the smell by cleaning out all the gunk and give it a nice clean. You can also replace the splash guard all by yourself.

Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes in the kitchen or bathroom are fairly common, and you can fix this issue by simply tightening up the slip-nut. The slip-nut is located near the P-Trap, and you can tighten it up with a nut bolt tightener or spanner. If the leak is coming from a hole in your drain pipe, you need to cover up the hole using hose clamps.

Damaged Wallpaper

If you notice your wallpaper getting damaged from one side of the wall, this is a problem you can fix as long as you are capable of matching the patterns accurately. This job requires two people, so be sure to enlist a partner to help out. You basically need to remove the damaged wallpaper strip and replace that patch with a newly cut strip. Bubbling is the major problem that occurs when we attempt the DIY solution for wallpaper, however, this can be eliminated. Basically, bubbling indicates that the wallpaper strip you have cut out is too less.

Painting the Walls

Have you noticed signs of flakiness or paint damage around the interior or exterior walls of your house? You can easily fix this issue with a fresh coat of paint. It is by far the least risky and expensive DIY solution. You can even engage your little ones in this job. It will require you to borrow a ladder, and invest in a bucket of paint.