In this market, it’s important to stand out. When you’re planning to sell, small things you do in your home can make a BIG difference. We’ve listed some of the lowest-cost additions/changes you can make to your home to increase your value and saleability of your home.

Smart Tech

Some simple and not super expensive additions can include Smart Tech. From doorbells to temperature gauges, a few small gadgets give your home a modern feel that touring prospects will love. A smart thermostat typically costs under $200, and a Ring doorbell video camera can be reduced to a simple monthly payment after a minor installation fee.

Freshen Up Outlets

Simply replacing discolored, old, or broken outlets cost under $5 each, and makes a huge impact on the overall visual impact of your home.


Have you been meaning to replace those old, dead bushes? Trim those trees? Plant some small flowers around your home and clean up your current landscaping. Much of it can be done yourself, but if you’re not a DIY person, check your local landscaping businesses for quotes.

Small Repairs

Does your doorknob wiggle? Is there a missing chunk of wood trim that could be replaced? A few holes in the wall that could be filled and painted? These seem like small things, but put together they create a miasma if they are not cared for. A well maintained home will ensure your prospective buyers that you cared for their future home.

Upgraded Cabinet Door Handles and Knobs

A very simple upgrade that is both low-cost and refreshing, upgrading your knobs and handles can make older cabinets appear modernized and a coat of paint couldn’t hurt either.

Doing these 5 simple, low-cost tasks could increase your property value and give your home some extra appealing features that will stick in the minds of your touring home buyers.

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