Document Checklist

Document Checklist

_ Copy of the signed sales contract plus any addendum if applicable

_ Copy of Earnest Money Deposit (Down Payment) check or wire confirmation showing the name, address and phone number of the escrow company

_ Copy of the legal description or Realtor Multiple Listing of property from the seller or listing agent

_ The names and phone numbers of all Realtors involved with your transaction

_ Last 30 day pay stubs for each borrower

_ Past 2 years Federal Tax Returns with all schedules and W-2ís / 1099 forms

_ If you own 25% or more of any company or LLC please provide the past two years of business tax returns.

_ For self-employed borrowers also provide a year to date profit & loss statement and balance sheet

_ Copies of all pages of the last two months bank statements for each account using for funds to close (please make sure your name and account number are not blacked out and all pages are included even if intentionally left blank)

_ Copy of the last two months statements of all investment and retirement accounts listed on the loan application

_ Trust documents for any non-revocable trusts, which you are including as income

_ Rental property lease agreements or full tax returns to verify rental income

_ Copy of valid driver’s license or other government issued ID with photograph

_ Copy of your Social Security Card if applying for an FHA Loan.

_ Copy of your DD214 military discharge document if applying for a VA loan.


If you are applying for a refinance:

_ Copy of your current owner’s title policy showing the legal description of your property

_ Copy of your current homeowner insurance policy showing renewal date and premium amount

_ Copy of the most recent survey (not applicable for condo properties)

_ Copy of the most recent tax bill

_ Copy of the current mortgage statement


For Borrowers with Retirement Income:

_ Copy of the current year Social Security Award Letter

_ Copy of the past two years 1099 forms for Social Security and any pension income

_ If you have pension income you will need evidence of three years of future continuance of that income. Normally a continuance letter from the pension company will suffice.


Other documentation:

_ Letter of credit explanation to detail reasons for late or derogatory credit items on your credit report

_ Copy of recorded discharge papers and schedule if you have previously filed for bankruptcy

_ Release of judgements

_ Copy of recorded divorce decree

_ Proof of receipt of payment for the past 12 months (canceled checks, copies of bank statements showing deposits) for any alimony, child support, or separate maintenance payment.


Please call with any questions