As the population growth increases, the economy is starting to stabilize, thanks to an influx of new residents.

“Median sales prices for both existing single-family homes and for condo-townhouse properties rose in Florida during the second quarter – and that’s a trend we’ve been experiencing for quite some time,”

– Eric Sain, Realtor | Palm Beach

With new businesses being drawn to the area, median sales prices for homes in the area have increased by 3.3% since last year. Condo sales prices are up 2.9%. That means if you’re a homeowner in Florida, then your equity has likely increased. This means it’s a great time to sell – a “seller’s market”. Unfortunately, it’s not a great time to buy, unless you’re in the market for buying a foreclosure. The inventory is low and finding a lower-cost home is difficult for first-time-home buyers. The rental market remains high, with rents going up each year.

Interest rates are holding steady around 4.0% for a fixed-rate mortgage.

For the complete Quarterly Market Detail, download Florida_Single_Family_Homes_2019-Q2_Detail from Florida Realtors.

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